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Foundation and Philosophy
Founded in 2003 along the picturesque Basque Coast, Aden embodies a tradition where artisan craftsmanship meets the marvels of nature. Our journey began with the art of shaping silver and natural stones into timeless creations.

Evolution and Expansion

Over time, our exploration has led us to the treasures of mother-of-pearl and Indonesian coral, and eventually to the realm of fine stones, culminating in the exclusivity of gold jewelry set with precious stones.

Our Essence and Commitment

Each piece of Aden is the result of boundless imagination, designed in France and brought to life by fine and precious stones meticulously selected from around the world. India, with its unparalleled reputation in gem-cutting, is the source of 70% of our gems, ensuring excellence and flawless traceability through trusted relationships established from our very beginning.

The Spirit of Family and Friendship

  • More than just a business, Aden is a family saga and a celebration of friendship, woven through enriching encounters.
  • Each team member contributes with passion to our quest for excellence, finding full expression in the art of jewelry-making.

Invitation to Our Customers

We invite our customers to discover our world, where each piece of jewelry tells a story of passion, craftsmanship, and authenticity. Join us in this space dedicated to exchange and shared passion for precious stones and natural materials, and let us win you over with our commitment to quality and innovation.

Welcome to Aden

Welcome to Aden, where each creation is a bridge between tradition and modernity, destined to captivate and inspire.



In charge of Creations and Aden photographer

The Role of the Lead Designer at Aden

As the lead designer at Aden Jewelry, I play a central role in our unceasing quest to source the most exquisite gems, working closely with our trusted suppliers around the world. My mission is to ensure that each selected stone enhances the splendor of our pieces, thus guaranteeing that our creations captivate and inspire.

Overseeing Visual Sessions

Concurrently, I personally oversee our photography and videography sessions, illuminating the essence and unique beauty of each piece of jewelry. These meticulously crafted visuals enrich our website, providing our industry clientele with an immersive, almost tangible visual experience, facilitating the choice of the perfect piece to add to their collection.


Responsible for orders and the Aden model

Céline: The Heartbeat of Aden

Céline is the heartbeat of Aden, an expert in order management and shipping. Her dedication ensures flawless delivery, reflecting the quality of our jewelry. Beyond her logistical skills, Céline is also the face of our collections, embodying the essence of our creations with grace.

A Dual Role

In front of the camera, she reveals the beauty and elegance of each piece, offering our customers an authentic and inspiring glimpse. Her role is crucial: from the meticulous preparation of shipments to the elegant representation of our brand, Céline significantly contributes to our prominence in the jewelry sector.

Vital to Our Success

Her dual role as head of order management and as a model makes her a central figure at Aden, vital to our success and to our customer relations.


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