Choosing an engagement ring is a significant decision. Many questions arise: which material to select? What kind of stone? What color? What shape? What size? What budget?
We answer all these questions for you today.

The engagement ring is given during the marriage proposal, while the wedding band is given on the wedding day. The wedding band is usually simpler in design. Both are traditionally worn on the left ring finger.

The 'promise ring' is a good compromise to avoid mistakes. It's a ring given to create the coveted surprise effect of the engagement proposal, to wait for the real ring.
Then, together, the future spouses will choose the lady's engagement ring, to ensure she likes it and will wear it for years to come, if not for a lifetime.

We have some advice to offer for choosing this all-important engagement ring.


18k gold, or 750 parts per thousand, is the most commonly used in jewelry because it's considered to have the perfect balance to be durable over time. It's impossible to use 24-karat gold in jewelry as it would be too soft for the creation of jewels.

14k gold, or 585 parts per thousand, on the other hand, is the most widespread in the United States, used for 90% of wedding bands, while 18k is more commonly used in Europe and Asia.
Our silver rings are rhodium-plated to prevent tarnishing and ensure their longevity.

Which type of stone to choose

The choice of gemstone depends on your partner's tastes. The diamond is the most commonly used for engagement rings, symbolizing purity and eternal love.
The other three precious gemstones are also widely used for their color.
The sapphire, blue, signifies fidelity, wisdom, and peace.
The ruby, red, represents love, happiness, and passion.
The emerald, green, is said to stand for hope and truth.
The aquamarine is also a popular gemstone for engagement rings, especially for those on a softer budget.
We also offer rings in tanzanite, a stunningly radiant stone.


If you prefer to choose your partner's engagement ring on your own, make sure to check her left ring finger size.
A little tip... take a ring that fits her well, measure the inside diameter from edge to edge, and convert that measurement to a ring size. (here's a chart that will help you with the conversion)

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